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However, I did not create all the Mockups by myself and I want to credit them here.

(Required or not, I want to acknowledge and appreciate their work.)

Gravity Devices:

Jam Jar: 

Red Wine Bottles : 

Wine Bottle Label:

Business Cards Breiten:

Stationery Breiten:

White Wine Bottle: 

Stationery Kürnberg: 

Banner Kürnberg:

Beach Chair:

Fyler Edinger:

Magazine »Das Merch«:

Plant »Das Merch«:

Playing Cards:  

Poster Wavy:

Floating A4 Paper:

Cup & Business Card:

Stationery Kaffeemacher: /

Website Perspecitve:

Hanging Poster:


Business Cards Oriental:

Shop Facade Oriental:


Business Cards BMF:



Edinger - Titelfoto: Álvaro Bernal: